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What We Do

WeeClu Solutions is a team of technology enhusiasists working towards creating high impact solutions for our customers who are the late majority when it comes to digitization. We solve basic real world problems for our customers which enables them to ride the digital revolution. We belive solving these basic problems is key to preparing the next half a million Indians for the digital dream. Our aim is to create a level playing field for standalone retailers when it comes to serving and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Pharmacy Lite App

PharmacyLite is our specialized offering aimed at retail pharmacy stores lacking the technology backbone in this cloud first world. Whether a retailer or a chain store owner, PharmacyLite is the right solution for you to conduct your day to day business activities and derive business insights. We also help in digitization of brick and mortar stores with minimal upfront investment. PharmacyLite is a highly customizable POS platform running on handhelds. We run a highly available SaaS platform which ensures your store is always ON. Our analytics driven real time reports provide the right business insights to help you manage and improve your operating revenue by upto 25%. Let us understand your requirements better. Call us today.

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Pluspin is a platform which brings varieties of basic health service providers around you to within your reach. Browse through product catagories, find health condition specific products, discover latest offers, reviews and avail products or services at your doorstep. Pluspin enables multiple service providers to customize offerings as per your need and provide you the best possible option. It has a goal to ensure you get what is required for you at your door steps when you need them the most. Visit us today at

Who We Are

We are a team of engineers and MBAs with strong techno-functional skills who are on a mission to make healthcare more discoverable and accessible. The founding team comprises of Alumni from ISB, Univ. Of Rochester NY and is mentored by best academicians from The Wharton Business school, ISB and several other leading healthcare practitioners. Our Engineering team has geeks from IIIT and NITs and we all are excited about creating the most customer friendly technology platform for the next billion.

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